Name: Carl Kevinson
Age: 25
Birthplace: Toppenish, WA
Fave Food: Sushi
Fave Anime: Lupin III
History: Carl Kevinson was the only son of two farm owners on the borders of Toppenish. Carl had the aptitude to get others to do his work for him as well as make them love him for doing it. Charisma was his name. It wasn't till he met Trades in the fourth grade that he had thought he met his match.
They got into a fight and after 10 min of waiting for the principal they were laughing about what they did. They both got detention for a month but they found they had much in common. They became fast friends and until another little fight they had in high school where Carl said that Trades' sister, Katrice, was cute and would like to date her.
Hours had to throw ice on the fire between them as well as Katrice telling Carl she loved him like a brother.
When Carl went off to Washington State University he didn't think he would create a killer comic thanks to his time with Trades' family. But after 2 years he left school to become one the most sought after Comic artists... on the web. He made enough money to even hire his old friend to be the mascot for his newest comic, " Catboys".
Carl is now traveling with Trades around conventions... finding that there is more going on when he watches from the shadows.

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