Name: Hours Carl Marcus
Age: 31
Birthplace: Toppenish, WA
Fave Food: Mac and Cheese
Fave Anime: Cool Devices ( actually any hentai will do.)
History: Hours is one of those few cat people that are stuck in an entirely feline form. This happens in about one out of every million cat people births. Even though he has gone through life in his feline form he is still able to do everything that normal humanoids can do.
However sometimes he will act the part of a nice little innocent cat to be able to get into areas that he is not allowed... such as women's locker rooms, changing rooms, ect. In school he actually made a good deal of money selling pictures to the other guys of their fav girl.
Now he spends his time enjoying his life... he works in the family Costume Shop. Which helps out the family when they leave town... or need to follow a shoplifter.

Name: Katrice Sandra Marcus
Age: 18
Birthplace: Yakima, WA
Fave Food: Pizza... any toppings
Fave Anime: Sailor Moon
History: Katrice was born in Yakima, Washington... and to her mother's happiness she was finally given a girl.
Katrice learned early on what it was like to have two older brothers... especially ones like Trades and Hours. They would always pick on her and laugh at some of the stuff she did when she was little. Then as she started to get older Trades and Hours started to get more protective of their little sister. Especially around Carl, who at the time had made an enemy of Hours due to his constant pestering of Katrice to go out with him.
Still Katrice liked Carl... in fact Hours would claw Carl's eyes out if he knew that Carl was the man that took her to prom.. and would rip off his balls if he knew that Carl was the one that took her virginity.
Currently she is living with the folks while awaiting to go to college. She doesn't work at the family Costume Shop... mostly due to Hours finding her trying on some of the more revealing costumes in the shop for some high school boys.

Name: Sarah
Age: 180 ( appears to be 11)
Birthplace: New York, NY
Died: Yakima Valley, Washington
History: Sarah was born to a normal family. When she was 9 they moved to the Yakima Valley to buy some land and start a farm. Sarah was happy and lived the next year helping the family and having fun with the animals.
When she was 10 and a half she started to feel sick... and spent alot of time indoors... The doctor kept giving her more medicine and told her to stay inside.
One winter night she was sitting by her window when she saw a kitten out in the snow... she loved cats and wanted to help the kitten so she rushed downstairs and picked up the kitten.
As she headed back inside she noticed the door was locked. Her parents were sound asleep and her little voice barely was barely even heard over the wind. After a few min she started to feel dizzy and started for the barn.
They found her body in a snow drift the next day. However her spirt was still at the old farm... looking for some way to speak to her parents...
Time passed and the farm turned into part of the town... and then into a small house... where a young catgirl and her new husband started their family... the woman could see her and told her she could stay if she wanted.
Now she follows Trades around... except to conventions... those places are too scary for her.

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