Name: Trades Marcus
Age: 24
Birthplace: Toppenish, WA
Fave Food: Mongolian Grill
Fave Anime: Catgirl Nuku Nuku
History: Trades is the middle child to Mel Marcus, a truck driver for a local feed and seed company, and Kali, the owner of the local costume/ joke shop. With many mixtures of catperson dna there have been many different outcomes.. Trades is one of those different outcomes. His ears are longer and on the side of his head rather than on top like a normal catperson as well as he has no cold nose and looks basically human... if it wasn't for his ears and tail he would be normal. But then we couldn't call this comic " Catboy at the con" lol Trades currently has a small apartment in Yakima, a good 20 miles away from Toppenish... his birthplace. His best friend in school was a young Carl Kevinson, a guy that just loved to make comic strips... ... it wasn't until 3 years after high school that Carl showed up again to ask Trades to be his comic's mascot. Trades agreed... mostly due to the fact he lost his last job as a checker at the local Pet-Stop... due to the dogs always trying to chase Trades up the aisles. If he had thought about it... he wold of still have said yes... he needed the money. Now Trades travels to convention to convention... trying to dodge a certain group of female con-goers... thanks to their little movie they created. Even though " My Knight with Trowa" was a big hit... and made him some more money thanks to royalties that Carl's company, CK comix, won in the lawsuit.

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