Name: Tessla A. Rothburn
Age: 26
Birthplace: Zillah, WA
Fave Food: Steak... the bloodier the better
Fave Anime: Cool Devices
History: Tessla or "Tess" as she corrected everyone as she walked the halls of her elementary school. She didn't like to be called Tessla and started one thing she loved to do... be in control.
Tess grew up with great grades. All the Teachers loved her, the students accepted her, and she had control over most of the bullies in school... either by blackmail or by force.
When she turned sixteen she made her way into Toppenish to buy a costume for her current boyfriend... a young man named Jarod... he was the nice guy of the school.. and she had a picture of him with his old girlfriend... the school president... a woman that Tess had suffered her first defeat ever. It was at this moment she met Trades. She took a shine to how he too was also a feline person... that and she started to think of things to do to the poor boy.
Within a year Trades and Tess were going out. On the surface everything was going fine. In fact Trades parents were commenting on how well they complemented each other... they were the perfect couple. Under the surface Tess would try to get Trades to do things... and even started a little bit of BSDM..
Trades left for college... and was happy... Tess wasn't there.
Tess followed and now she decided to take it to one more level.. She gave her virginity to him... and he to her...
After that Trades was no fun... so she broke up with him... though she made it look like he had broken up with her...
She got a job as a freelance reporter for a local newsgroup... and stayed there... until she founded her own company... and started to sell her video's and reports to the right buyers.

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