Name: Jedda McKay
Age: 23
Birthplace: Moscow, ID
Fave Food: Pasta... any kind
Fave Anime: Gunslinger Girls
History: Jedda grew up in a small town called Moscow. For many years she would hear people ask if she was russian and to try to speak in a russian accent, but after her fourteenth birthday her family moved.
Eight miles west... across the state line to Pullman, WA. There she went to school and grew up in a College town. She loved making things... and was asked when she turned 18 to do some costumes for the Washington State Anime Club.
She ended up comming to the meetings soon after that and became one of the many female otaku of the world. She kept making costumes and when a convention started in Yakima and was being paid for by her friend, Sally, she decided to go in a bunny costume she made.
Sally said she would meet her there... and never showed up. The reason..... Sally's boyfriend showed up and decided to take her out that day... and for the weekend...
Needless to say Jedda didn't have a place to stay... until Trades ran into her while escaping some crazied fans.
Jedda didn't know who he was... but was captivated by him... after the first day she decided that feeling in her stomach wasn't the turkey sandwich she got at the truck stop in Royal City, and was love for The Catboy.

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